Kids of Ukraine is dedicated to supporting Ukrainian children battling cancer and their families. We represents the US Chapter of Tabletochki, the largest Ukrainian charity providing aid to children with cancer.

Since 2011, together with donors, partners, healthcare professionals, and volunteers, Tabletochki has been changing the field of pediatric oncology in Ukraine, and improving the quality of treatment for over 60,000 children with cancer and other catastrophic diseases.


Being part of a global initiative, SAFER Ukraine, Tabletochki helped evacuate over 1000 families with children battling cancer and severe blood diseases to the world's leading clinics in the US, Canada, and Europe. Tabletochki provides displaced families in 13 countries with psychosocial and financial aid.

Tabletochki also continues to support Ukraine by:

delivering lifesaving medicines, psychosocial and financial assistance to families with children with cancer. Monthly, Tabletochki supports over 500 evacuated abroad families and those staying in Ukraine, including families in the temporarily occupied territories;
working on strengthening the capacity of hospitals which are the key to treating children with cancer from all over the country;
providing financial support for medical professionals;
organizing professional development programs for medical personnel;
providing children’s hospitals with oncology divisions with crucial medical and non-medical supplies;

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By donating, you change the lives of Ukrainian children now and in the future:

with your help, children currently undergoing cancer treatment have access to the necessary aid to win the battle; you also help us develop the infrastructure of Ukrainian hospitals to increase the quality of treatment for all children with cancer.

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